Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Time!

Wow...the last several weeks have FLOWN by! It has been a crazy summer so far, between all the weddings, birthday parties, and trying to transform the man room into the baby room=CRAZY!!
Aunt Amy’s best friend Marsha got married last weekend and cousin Blake got married Saturday so between all the events that go on with weddings we have been able to see Grady and baby Gaston a lot! Hudson and Grady are quiet the pair. They have become the two best friends that anyone could have. The Thursday of Marsha’s wedding the whole Munson family came in! Amy and Justin went to Dallas to have a night together so Uncle E and Aunt D brought the boys to Chuck E Cheese for Ella’s 2nd birthday party. By the end of the night poor Grady was falling asleep on the rides. I guess the 7 hours in the car with no nap, the 2 pieces of pizza, all the fruit, and the 2 huge pieces of cake the kid ate put him in a coma!!

Saturday was a busy day for the boys. Amy dropped Justin and Grady off at the house about 9:30 and they went fishing, went to Roadhouse for lunch, and then went swimming. I think Hudson slept from about 2 until 4:30 that afternoon! At Marsha’s wedding reception that night both Grady and Hudson were wild!! Not only was it a beautiful wedding with wonderful food, drinks (that I wanted really badly), and wonderful cake, they had the neatest setup for kids! They knew there would be a bunch of kids there so they had a full hot dog bar for the kids complete with everything you could possibly want on a hot dog, all different types of chips, and you could even pick from a variety of cream sodas. After dinner they had tables set up behind the dance floor with bubbles, games, and what else- two clowns, YES clowns, that made them awesome balloons and painted their faces!! They ran, rolled, danced, crawled, and hopped all over the place. I have to say there was a really sweet moment that night when Hudson walked over to Aunt Johnna, put his little hand on her leg and said, “Will you dance with me!” Melt this momma’s heart!! I can’t wait to see the pictures from that night! This is the only one I have which was taken about ONE minute after him getting in the car! We are in a burn ban so instead of sparklers they had glow sticks and glow necklaces. I think Hudson ended up with glow sticks from about 20 people!!!

I still can’t believe this little bugglet is 2!! Don’t let this little sweet face fool you...this is why I am fearful about having a girl!! “Rambo” as Tyler calls her is constantly moving, slamming things, and running over anything in her way. She can come over to play and where is her first stop...the fridge where she pulls EVERY magnet off and throws them behind her as fast as her little arms can throw! She really is a sweet little girl and I love her very much especially when I hear her say, “Lease” I la lou, or I love you!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Green, the blue, and the new (RED)!!

So the last few weeks in our house have been pretty eventful! As you saw in the post before Hudson had broken his right arm! We went last week, Tuesday the 31st to be exact, got another x-ray and a new BLUE cast! The x-ray showed that his bone had healed perfectly and already started to callus, but  he needed another cast for two more weeks just to keep everything safe, not to mention his little arm had shrunk to about half the size of the left one! He stayed with Gum on Tuesday after his doctors appointment. She took him to McDonald's and they played really hard with Ben David's old trucks and motorcycles! (ps thanks BD love Hudson) He was going to stay with my mom the rest of the week since Ms Mallorie was in Colorado on a nice vacation! He loved his new blue cast so much that Wednesday, yes ONE whole day after the blue cast was put on, Tyler was running his bath water and all in about a 5 second time frame he decided to go ahead and jump on in clothes and all, ARMS FIRST!!! YEAH HUDSON!!! Haha!

So...the following day we went to see the nice nurse again at the doctor for a new RED cast!! What little Red Raider shouldn't have a red cast with black marker?? My mom had a small surgery on Friday so sweet Aunt Johnna kept Mr Hudman so I could go onto work! He was so excited. He got to feed the horses, go to David's in Decatur and ride the mechanical horse over and over!!

So far so good!! We made it through 2 birthday parties this weekend, one swimming/outside and one at Jump for Joy, so YEAH US!! Only one more week and we are cast free!!

Here are a few pics from Ms Mallorie's from the month of May!!


Where is Hudson??

Tyler is so proud Hudson can shoot a basket!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's a bird, It's a plane, no it's Hudson!

For those of you who know Hudson know that he is very adventurous to say the least! He loves insects, dogs, cats (thank you Kate and Gus), cows, fishing, and anything to do with trash trucks or buses! Yes, trash trucks. He hears them 3 days a week coming down the alley at 6:15 and wakes up saying “trash truck, trash truck is here!”

Hudson skating for the first time!

Back to adventurous, last week, yes, 5 days before Monday, Hudson had been complaining about his arm hurting because he Superman it off a slide! Tyler called the doctor the next day and they said unless it swelled or turned colors not to worry about it. So....we didn’t!!! Sunday morning I was getting him dressed and his arm missed the hole in the shirt and he just lost it. I knew then something was wrong. As the day went on it gradually got bigger. Tyler got back from man trip #2 that afternoon and Hudson seemed to be doing better. By that night it was way worse, we took him into the clinic the next morning. They thought maybe he had just fractured his arm so we had X-Rays.... low and behold a clean break right in the middle of the biggest bone in your forearm. I felt like mother of the year!! We now have a large LIME GREEN cast from wrist to right under the arm pit!! He seems to be doing pretty good with it. He has only asked to take it off a couple of times. Since Monday my family has done nothing but spoil him. For those of you who don’t know mi familia when something like this happens we don’t cry, we celebrate! So we went for burgers and ice cream Monday night, he has a new collection of cars and trucks, an old cell phone (no it doesn’t work!!) and lots of candy! His cast is quickly filling up with names and of course thanks to dad, it has a big red double T right in the middle!! We have to go back in 2 weeks to get another X-Ray to make sure that it is healing correctly and hopefully he will only have to wear it 4 of the 6 weeks that he is supposed to!

Pink is our new blue!

We were excited to find out that this bambino is a girl! We are really excited for this new adventure, a little nervous about having a girl, but all in all ecstatic!! Here are a couple of her pictures. We have A LOT of names picked out but Tyler wants to wait until we see her to name her! All I know is her middle name will be Lake. Lake is after my dad’s mom, Eddie Lake. So we will go from there!! In the last month I have been able to start eating real food, something besides cereal, and haven’t gotten sick in a few weeks! I had lost a total of about 15 pounds during the first 5 months and when I went for an appointment last week I had gained it all back. How does that work? It takes you 5 months to lose but only a couple of weeks to gain it all back?? Oh well!
We have been trying to tell Hudson that he is going to have a little sister and she is in mommy’s belly. He doesn’t understand why he can’t see her? Keyli has brought over some clothes of Ella’s for me to use, thank you thank you and he keeps saying, “these baby sisers clothes, no these Ellya’s.” Hahaha!! Guess we will see!
Here are her legs and bobo!!

Once upon a blog...

It has been a crazy couple of months since my last blog and life has been one BIG whirlwind!! I’ll start with my mom selling her house! Mom has listed her house multiple times in the past thinking that she was ready to move. After Christmas this year she became really serious about wanting to move into a smaller home with NO pool! It was but a couple months later and she had a contract and was having to get in gear to find a new home! All I am going to say is we have lived there since 1996 and my grandparents prior to that since the 50’s. Just imagine....She needed several semi’s to get her out of her 3000+ square foot home into one half the size! She found a brand new home the guy had finished the week before. It is really nice the only thing missing is grass!!! Now that summer is here and it is the temperature is creeping towards 100 I think we are all going to miss the pool some!
I am also very excited for my mom because as of May 27th she will be officially retired! She is looking forward to getting to pick up the kids and taking them on fun trips!
Now I’ll update you on little Mr. Hud. He has been spending a lot of time the last couple of months with Tyler. They go fishing every weekend, BBQ outside almost every night, and play lots of cars! His vocabulary is growing every day. It seems like you blink and he is now talking to adult sentences!! The weekend before Easter my sister in law had a precious little boy, Gaston Thomas Munson. It would be the dream/nightmare of every mom to be. My mother in law had been out there helping Amy with Grady for several months because she had been on strict bed rest. Amy and Justin live 30 minutes from Roswell, NM, first WHOA!! They woke my mother in law up about 2:45 in the morning and said they were getting ready to go to the hospital. Amy walked in the doors at 3:35 A.M. and the nurse very sweetly told her there was good news and bad. Good news was she was dilated to a 9, bad news was she didn’t even have time for an aspirin! Gaston was born at 4:12, WHOA WHOA!! Anyway, we spent Easter weekend in New Mexico which was a blast. Grady and Hudson have so much fun together it just makes me wish they lived closer.
Big Brother Grady and Gaston

Little Ella bug is getting big as well. This picture isn’t from Easter but Mothers Day at church. My grandmother made this dress for me when I was her age. So Sweet!
Keyli, Ella, Dad, and Connie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March, March, Marching On...

So here we are already in the middle of March, WOW!! Somedays I think I can hear the clock ticking and other times it seems like it is flying by! I am in my 14th week of pregnancy and still have my good and bad days. I am convienced that if you are this sick while you are pregnant the doctor should go ahead and include the cost of veners!! haha! Now, its the countdown until we have our sonogram to determine the gender!! I can't wait! People ask me all the time if I want a girl this time or another boy? Honestly, I would take either!! I love the fact that I already have everyyyyything boy and would love to use it again! Hudson is still unsure of what is going on. When you ask him where the baby is he either looks at you like your crazy or says Aunt Amy...Aunt Amy is Tyler's sister who is due in April and we can't wait, I repeat CAN'T wait! She once again didnt find out the gender of this one and it is driving me crazy! I am convienced it is a girl so I buy all girl things!! Guess we can only wait and see! Her little boy, cousin Grady is 6 months older than Hudson and they have the best time together. These other two little bambinos will be about the same difference in age and I am so excited to see all these kids grow up together!
Anyway, I still give many kudos to Tyler for being such a fab husband and great dad the last few months. He continues to take Hudson fishing during any of his spare time which I know he doesnt mind that at all! This last weekend Tyler took Hudson to Nocona to see Pappy. Tyler's dad is apart of the southwestern rondezvous group that get together every so often. If you are like me I had NO clue what this was....it is a pre 1840's event that takes place all over the country. Everything that you use must be during that era from your shotguns, tents, clothing, and shoes. They have cooking events, muzzle loading contests, and much more. Tyler took Hudson to civilian day on Sunday to see his Pappy and they had such a good time.

On another note...my mom sold her house and will be moving at the end of the month! I am so exicted for her yet sad at the same time. We have been over there as much as we can trying to decide what to keep and what to sell. Lets just put it this way...she is moving from a 3000+ square foot home to one about 1500 square feet. Not only is she cleaning out the 16 years that we all lived there but the other 35 that my grandparents did. LOTS and lots and lots of things we have found! Hudson helped for a little bit on Saturday and found him some golf clubs! He even opted to take them fishing to use as his pole!! Hey, I am soooo ok with that. I would love a little golfer!
Golfing with a rock and a ball!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Star!

A few weeks ago Hudson was asked to be in a commercial with all his little buddies! Yes, FIVE 2 year olds in the same place at the same time! When we usually get this crazy kiddos together its at a place such as Yogurt Journey that wont kick us out for the kids running around enjoying the ice cream and all the yummy sugar filled candies that can go in one small cup!! Anywho...the commercial turned out really cute!! Hudson is the one in the cute little hat on the right. Yes he is eating M&M's but hey they worked ; )!!


When I showed Hudson the commercial he said, oh my fishin' hat!! It was a fun experience, thanks again Anne!